Ceramic Crossflow Membrane

The Ceramic Crossflow Membrane is an advanced technology that utilizes a high velocity movement along ceramic membranes that is ideal for tough applications such as multiple microfiltration and ultrafiltration. This membrane aids in oil removal from wastewater streams, reclaiming solvents and chemicals, beverage clarification, lacquers, and wash solutions. 

UFV-200T Membrane

The Model UFV-200T Membrane uses membrane technology to separate the water and dissolved chemicals from suspended solids and emulsified oils without the use of chemical additives. Polymeric Membranes are used to process the high solids waste that get processed. 

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We Accept:
UFV-250-1500TV Membrane

The UFV-250-1500TV Membrane utilizes tubular membranes in ultriltration membrane technology to separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils. This unit is ideal for use in recycling/disposal of oily wastewater from aqueous parts washers, floor moping, waste coolants or tumbling and burnishing operations applications.