Single Stage Immersion

Our Immersion series has been redesigned without changing what made this machine the industry standard. The machines are modular in design allowing you to configure your cleaning process around your budget. All machines are made with in-house manufactured air cylinders for exceptional durability and performance. Available in painted or stainless steel with a large variety of options.

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Industrial Filtration
Parts Cleaning/Finishing


We Accept:
Conveyorized Belt Washer

The CB series is designed for inline cleaning of a wide variety of manufactured parts at speeds that match your production process. All of the machines in this series are built primarily of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials and are fully modular.  Designed primarily for higher volume production cleaning, the parts are transferred through wash, rinse, blow-off and dry stages.  The parts cleaned in these machines can range from a few ounces to several hundred pounds.  This series comes standard with water make-up, level control, digitally controlled heat, filtration, stainless steel mesh belt with flights and the durability you would expect from a company that has been building tanks for over 90 years.

​Immersion Rotation

Our rotation products build on all of the cleaning advantages our immersion series provides. By adding rotation, these machines deliver an aggressive 360 degree agitation will eliminate contaminants by providing complete part saturation and flushing.This is extremely important if the part involves blind holes, orifices, machine bored holes, cavities. This series is designed to rotate baskets of small parts up to engine blocks in a one tank or multistage configurations.
                                                                  Wire and Tube Washer

Magnus Engineered Equipment manufactures state-of- the-art 360 degree ultrasonic cleaning equipment for continuous materials such as wire, cable, tubing and metal stock. The use of unique compact 360 degree radial ultrasonic units allows for in-line cavitation cleaning and ensures complete removal of lubrication residues such as oil or grease, soap, stearates or dust. Ultrasonic units can be stacked in series to achieve the desired cleaning rate, and removed contaminants are dispersed into the cleaning liquid and prevented from re-attaching to the substrate.  Critical cleaning specifications are achieved all the time and every time.
​Multi-Stage Immersion

The multistage design increases your flexibility to adjust the line speed, bath chemistry, temperature, and allows the use of ultrasonics. Wash, rinse, coating, and drying can all be completed in one cycle.