Dust Collector Bags 

Dust Collector Bag Filters can be used in a variety of applications including ones that have Humidity, Moisture, Chemical Content and Large Temperature Ranges. Bags can be constructed in a variety of efficiencies from 8-22 oz. using either Acrylic Coated, Flame Retardant, Teflon Membrane, Fiberglass, or Standard Felt Medias. 
Dust Collector Cages

Dust Collector Cages provide the means for holding the Dust Collector Bag Filter open during the collection process as well as to provide the required support for the fabric during the cleaning process.  Dust Cages are available  in Top Load and Bottom Load configurations with either Welded or Crimped Caps. 
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We Accept:
Dust Collector Cartridges 

Dust Collector Cartridges are designed to fit into existing Dust Collector Units that are used in a wide range of applications. Each Cartridge provides superior loading capacity and are available in a wide range of medias, sizes and configurations to accommodate any type of specification. 

Dust Collector Pleated Bags 

Pleated Dust Bags are available to fit in to both Top and Bottom Loading Dust Collector Units. They are constructed of Spun-Bond Polyester Medias with High Surface Loading Characteristics to help boost the efficiency, reduce emissions and lengthen the Filter service life compared to a Standard Depth Felt Loading Media.