Auto Discharging

Auto Discharging Centrifuges are used in cleaning in Coolants, Oils, and other Industrial Fluids without the use of filter media. The Turbo-Separator is not only Auto Discharging, but it is also Self Cleaning. The Centrifuge recycles grinding and polishing fluids by removing the 1-10 micron particles within the fluid that is being process. 

Coolant Recycling Centrifuges

Coolant Recycling Centrifuges remove solids and tramp oil from applications that use metal working coolants. Each unit operates at a high gravitational force to pull loosely and mechanically emulsified tramp oils away from the good coolant. The clean coolant goes into the clean tank and the solids can be manually removed.

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We Accept:
CW Chip Spinners

CW Chip Spinners are an economical and simple way to remove metal chips that are trapped in coolants and oils produced by Grinders, Lathes, and other Metal Working Machine Tools. The Chip Spinner is utilizes centrifugal force to separate the metal chips from the contaminated liquid. The heavy duty Steel construction allows for reliable performance and minimal maintenance. 

Manual Discharging

Manual Discharging Centrifuges such as the TMC Tank Mounted LiquaPac Centrifuge, the LDC Long-Deck Centrifuge and the RCS Self Contained Centrifuge are designed for use in applications for the Metal Working and Metal Finishing Industries where increased production quality and consistency is required while still maintaining reduced downtime for cleaning and maintenance.