Air Intake Filters

Air Intake Filters such as Silencers and Cylindrical Cartridges are used to protect a variety of Turbine Intakes, Reciprocating and Process Equipment. There are also Permanent Metal Intake Filters in Aluminum, Galvanized and Stainless Steel Medias that can be cleaned for reuse in a variety of applications. 

Cartridges                Housings                Permanent Metal Filters                Silencers
Coolant Mist Filters

There are many different variations of Coolant Mist Collectors that are used to collect Smoke, Oil, Coolant Mist, etc. from Industrial Applications. Standard and Custom Sized Mist Eliminator Filters constructed of Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel are also used in these types of Applications and can be easily cleaned for reuse. 

Coolent Mist Collectors               Mist Eliminators
Dust Motor Covers

Dust Motor Covers are ideal for use in applications where there is high dust volume. The covers are constructed of Polyester Media with an Elastic Band at the base to insure a tight fit around the motor to keep out particles and contaminants. The Elastic Band also allows for a quick changeout when it needs to be replaced which reduces downtime on the motor. 

Gas Turbine Intake Filters

Gas Turbine Intake Filters are designed to keep systems operating at the highest possible levels by preventing outdoor elements like Dust, Pollen, Sand and Salt from entering the internals. These filters are ideal for use in Turbo-Machinery and Industrial Power Generation Applications. 

HEPA/Cleanroom Filters

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters and Cleanroom Filters are Rated 0.3 Microns at 99.97% Efficiency per US Department of Energy Standards. HEPA Filters are used to remove particulates such as Dust, Mold Spores, Pollen, Dander and more from the air. These filters are available in a variety of Frames like Aluminum, Plastic, and Steel so the right filter can be selected for the desired application. 
HVAC Filters

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Filters such as Pleated Air Filters, Panel Filters, Box Filters, etc. are imperative in maintaining good indoor air quality and are available in Standard as well as custom sizes. 

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We Accept:
Paint Filters

Paint Filters are frequently used in the Painting, Coatings and Inks Industry because of their ability to filter Paint particles from the air. With many different varieties of Paint Filters, we are sure to have the perfect filter to meet your needs. 
Diffusion Media Intakes            Link Panels               Paint Arrestor Pads                                                  
                Pads and Rolls                 Paint Pockets                Ring Panels