We have over 40 years experience to help you choose the media that is best suited for your parts. Our no charge laboratory facility is ready to process your sample parts to make sure you get the best finish, lowest cycle times and quickest ROI. We can also help with the correct compound/soap for the application.

Ceramic Media

We have many  sizes ,shapes and formulations for immediate delivery. High density ceramic media is also available. Used for deburring and edge breaking.
Surface Matics, LLC.
Industrial Filtration
Parts Cleaning/Finishing


We Accept:

Plastic Media

We carry several formulations that offer different cutting, polishing, pre plate finishing and deburring characteristics. Different sizes and shapes available.

Steel Media

Carbon Steel Media and Stainless Steel Media are available for a variety of cleaning, burnishing or polishing, and light deburring applications.
​Precision Tumbling Media 

Precision Tumbling Media is available in many small sizes and shapes. Precision media is sized in millimeters. Polishing and cutting formulations along with the small size of the media allow processing of small parts.