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Industrial Bench Tops

Self-Contained, Full Function, Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning  Systems

The Sonicor BC series combines the performance and state-of- the-art technology of our “BandScanner” sweep-frequency generator, with the heavy-duty construction and rugged reliability of Sonicor industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks, in a self-contained tabletop cleaning system.

These high performance heavy-duty systems are offered in four sizes, from 5 gallons to 22 gallons. Each model is completely self-contained in a durable, all-stainless cabinet, with an easy-access, front mounted control panel. Each BC model is equipped with a tank temperature control system, and an ultrasonic cycle timer.

Sonicor’s all-digital control system is offered as a no-cost option.
Table Top Cleaners

    “S” Series Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Industrial Quality

    Simple & Easy to Use

    Compact One Piece Construction

    Stainless Steel Round Corner Tank

  Sizes from .3 to 7 gallon

  Available with or without heat and timer

  Digital model available

  Backed by a 2.5 year warranty
SG Series Tank/Generator Systems

The Sonicor “BandScanner” series is the benchmark for efficiency and reliability, among industrial ultrasonic tank/generator systems. With standard tank sizes from 2.5 gallons to 60 gallons, and a wide range of available operating frequencies, these heavy-duty units can handle any ultrasonic cleaning application, and withstand the harshest industrial environment. The Sonicor “BandScanner” series, sweep frequency ultrasonic generator offers cutting edge technology, and a full range of control options and features to assure process consistency needed for even the most critical cleaning applications.
Aqueous Ultrasonic Clean/Rinse/Dry Self-Contained Console Systems

Sonicor “CPS” series consoles offer a complete parts cleaning process line, housed in a rugged, all stainless cabinet/counter top assembly. Standard consoles are available in either three stage CPS3, (ultrasonic clean/rinse/dry), or four stage CPS4,(ultrasonic clean/rinse/rinse/dry) models.
Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser

Continuing the Sonicor forty year traditions of quality, performance and reliability, The Sonicor “D” series combines the rugged durability of Sonicor ultrasonic technology with state-of- the art emissions control and safety features, to produce a line of vapor degreasing systems that are preferred by hundreds of customers worldwide.

All Sonicor vapor degreaser are designed with the flexibility to operate safely with a wide range of non-flammable degreasing solvents. Every Sonicor degreaser includes control features and emissions limiting features to ensure operator safety and compliance with applicable regulations Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser.

Anilox Cleaners

Sonicor “CY” Series Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaning Systems with Heat and Filtration Systems

The Sonicor Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaning System is specifically designed to restore cell volume, without damaging the delicate cell walls on high screen count anilox rolls. The Sonicor system is equally effective on chrome plated cylinders, providing superior cleaning, in less time than any other available roll cleaning technology.

The cleaning process is simple. The contaminated cylinder is immersed in the heated solution in the ultrasonic cleaning tank. The high frequency ultrasonic sound waves produce an intense microscopic scrubbing action that penetrates into the cells of the cylinder surface completely removing residual inks, along with any other contaminants.

​The Sonicor system features the superior performance and reliability of Sonicor “BandScanner” sweep frequency ultrasonics, stainless steel immersion heaters, a circulating pump/filter system, and a heavy duty cylinder rotation system.

Critical process time, temperature, and ultrasonic intensity are all carefully controlled to optimize cleaning and ensure process consistency.