Surface Matics, LLC.
Industrial Filtration
Parts Cleaning/Finishing


We Accept:
Cleaning / Degreasing Chemistry

 A complete line of aqueous liquid and powder products for use in parts cleaning of oil and water soluble oils and 
greases, removal of metal fines and general surface cleaning in preparation for subsequent operations such as 
electroplating, painting, coating preparations, etc.

         Cleaners to suit various cleaning processes of metal surfaces including aluminum, brass, copper, carbon and 
         stainless steel along with electroplated metal substrates. 

         Products for use in barrel tumbling, soak tank, spray wash equipment (conventional and high pressure) as 
         well as other more specialized cleaning process equipment.

         Products developed for replacement of conventional solvent degreasing operations 
         - equipment specific. 

         All products have been developed to allow fir effective and suitable treatment while 
         remaining economical.

         Other products include:

                    o Vibratory/Tumbling compounds

                    o Corrosion Inhibitors

                    o Passivation Chemistry

                    o Etching Compounds

                    o Paint Strippers

                    o Clean Room Cleaners

In-House Laboratory and Support Service

         United States Chemical Corporation's in-house laboratory simulates all of the commonly used processes in parts cleaning. Included  in the laboratory 
         are, an ultrasonic cleaning system, spray wash and immersion cleaning equipment and various types of parts dryers. The equipment insures that       
         all products are tested under the conditions in which they are expected to operate.

         United States Chemical Corporation provides prompt and thorough support services for all product lines. The service commitment includes evaluation 
         and development of the most efficient and economical products, along with the designing of the most  effective process for resolving the challenges of 
         our clients.

         All of the products sold by U.S. Chemical are manufactured and shipped directly from our facility in Plantsville, CT.  By manufacturing all products in-
         house, a strict quality assurance and comprehensive record keeping process is maintained. Our facilities include the capacity to produce very large or 
         very small liquid or powder product runs.