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Cross sectional view of an Industrial battery
Lead Acid Battery
Reconditioning Catalyst
  • Regain Your Runtime Capacity
  • Reduce Your Labor and Charge Times        
  • Shrink Your Monthly Charging Costs
  • Decrease Your Annual Battery Purchases
Guaranteed to Increase Your Productivity !

Regardless of how well you maintain your fleet
Sulfate Bonding is robbing your productivity.

Sulfate bonding is the number
one contributing factor to your degrading runtimes, overheating issues and premature losses.
By preventing the sulfates from bonding to the lead plates we can directly reduce the resistance and substantially increase the flow of current within the cells.
A battery treated with Varix   will require less return amperage, charge cooler, lose less water and have a longer lifespan overall.
Varix  is a liquid catalyst designed to reverse and prevent sulfate bonding for the life of the unit. It is effective in all lead acid batteries including 
Industrial lift, Deep cycle, Marine & Automotive.

Without using any harsh abrasives, solvents or corrosives, Varix  naturally unlocks the sulfuric bond from the lead plates and returns it to the electrolyte. Within just a few cycling’s Varix   achieves complete absorption into the plates and prevents any further sulfation from adhering to them for the life of the battery.

One Varix   treatment will last a lifetime…

Once a battery is treated, you can expect no loss in runtime or performance in your battery’s output due to resistance caused by sulfate bonding. Your units will run longer through a shift and have a greater lifespan overall.

 Varix  is guaranteed to impress!

We understand batteries don’t lie. Let us show you how we can help your operations. Begin by treating and tracking a number of your 3 to 4 year old units. Once you see the results for yourself you will understand the benefits of  Varix   as a Preventative Maintenance treatment for your entire fleet.

Product Guarantee
Sulfate bonding and
grid deterioration

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